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Felicitaciones maravillosa coleccion

by Hector Mario Camargo Pulido on 27.07.2015
Felicitaciones por su web, maravillosa coleccion y muy hermosa presentacion.

Hans and Marco collection

by matchboxmarcel on 11.09.2014
I am very much looking forward to this, especially the Early Lesney Toy section.
Any chance to make this more complete with photos taken in the german Hans and Marco collection?

Moko bus for sale.

by Nick Jones on 10.09.2014
Hi Hans.
please see the moko bus for sale here. I think it may interest you, It is for sale.
you can contact the seller Simone at

The PDF file about the Kohnstams was an unbelievable piece of toy history

by Stacey Bindman on 21.11.2013
I just added your post.
The PDF file about the Kohnstams was an unbelievable piece of toy history.
At the end of the post, I got a bit sentimental, and I hope you won`t mind what I wrote.
The coincidence with regard to you and Marco working together as toy collectors,and the generations of Kohnstams continuing
in the toy business had to have a connection that I thought I`d tie in.
Montreal,Quebec, Canada

I m very fortunate to have discovered your site

by Stacey Bindman on 18.11.2013
I`m very fortunate to have discovered your site, and to be able to write about you and the toys
Montreal,Quebec, Canada


by Pieter Kohnstam on 16.05.2013
Mitteilung Hi,
I just found your website. I am Pieter Kohnstam, the great grandson of Moses Kohnstam and would be interested in purchasing some toys to pass on to my grandchildren. Are you descendants of Moses Kohnstam? My grandfather was Willi, my father was Hans.
Pieter Kohnstam

What a wonderful site

by Hugh Stiles on 21.03.2013
What a wonderful site and what a mouthwatering collection you have!

prima seite

by Horst Wendel on 29.05.2012
prima seite , wenn ich fragen zu models habe kann ich mich an dich wenden ?

Hello, I found your amazing website

by Michael Shepherd on 13.05.2012
Hello, I found your amazing website whilst trying to find information on a Moko Watch Vesta Case. (DRGMA No 195169) Is the Moko Watch case made by the same toy maker Moko.
I found the two Moko Watch cases in a box of old magic tricks that I had purchased. I think someone may have used the vesta compartment in the watch for part of a magic trick.
Would you know how old the Watch Cases would be?
If you can help with information that would be great.
Thank you
Michael Shepherd

Hi you have a verry nice collection.

by Dirk Koning on 18.02.2012
Hi you have a verry nice collection. i am a crane and excavator collector in holland and i have never seen a moko crane before. my question is: are these excavator`s fore sale and if that is what is the price of a moko crane? thanks en greetings from holland
Dirk Koning, Nederlande

You have the worlds best known collection

by mokosexy - Dave Rogers on 07.02.2012
H & M
You have the worlds best known collection of moko toys,and anyone who collects will know its not just the price your collection costs to buy but the hours put in searching ,waiting,bidding,researching,the heartache in recieving something thats not right ,and having the guts to try again and finding things that up till now aren,t known.
You then share your finds via here and your site and now in that brilliant article by kevin.
You deserve this

Hi Hans and Marco

by early moy - Gary Galvin on 05.02.2012
Well its no surprise,yes it is a fab collection and with all the new variations and pieces you have managed to uncover,it pushes the whole story so far up another level, with even more interest for the rest of us and others hopefully to come.
The result of your website means we all have an ever changing model of info and actual pics of what is out there to look for.
Well done
many thanks

Finally our publication is out of printers

by Alexandr Pícha on 17.11.2011
Hello Hans and Marco,
Finally our publication is out of printers! Hard cover, 582 pages on high quality paper, 1700 photos and text going in depth in everything connected to Models of Yesteryears. It is in Czech but of course, I am aware that it is not a world language :-) So I am also finishing a small additional booklet in English with translations of Foreword, Guide to Articles about Models and Boxes, Tables of Content, Tables of Issues (Variations) of Each Model and Its Boxes, and Table of the period Corgi Classic range.
Hans and Marco, you have been one of my most generous contributors, the pictures from in your collection are among the top of the publication. It is my great pleasure now to send you the book. Please tell me your shipping address.
Thank you. Have a great day,
180 00 Praha 8 - Libeň

Tessie Doll, Moses Kohnstam

by Master on 30.10.2011
Hi, great toy reference site! I`m writing about your bisque shoulder head Tessie doll on the Kohnstam page. The HS marking on her back is for Hermann Steiner 1911-1920s, the Tessie name is attributed to M. Kohnstam, but I have no further details about the doll. I`m reseaching another doll like yours, I was wondering if you would mind telling me if she is on a pink cloth body? or kid? Thank you so much.

What a fantastic collection

by Jon // biggles on 22.09.2011
Yes Mick, I`never been on there before until yesterday. What a fantastic collection. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

Thanks Jon, I thought I had added the link - love their site.

by Moyboy / Matchboxmick - thats me from Oz // moyboy on 22.09.2011
Thanks Jon, I thought I had added the link - love their site.

I believe this is the link for them.

by Jon // biggles on 21.09.2011
I believe this is the link for them.


the ultimate site from Hans & Marco in Germany.

by Moyboy / Matchboxmick - thats me from Oz // moyboy on 21.09.2011
If you like all things MOKO or Early Lesney toys then this is the ultimate site from Hans & Marco in Germany. No sales but just 2 nice guys wonderful collection that must be totally unique in the world today - a must browse site just to drool.

I know what you mean ...

by bettyswalx // TJLGLASS on 02.09.2011
I know what you mean Mick but they don`float my boat lol.

They have superb MOKO only collections

by Moyboy / Matchboxmick - thats me from Oz // moyboy on 02.09.2011
They have superb MOKO only collections between them and their site is well worth a visit if only to drool.
I would have thought they had most but as seen somethings still pop up that no one else has. For something that rare I would have to own it longer than a week Tim.

Bang on the nail....

by bettyswalx // TJLGLASS on 02.09.2011
Bang on the nail Mick lol, They paid what i was asking and although i` never find another it was nice having it for a week.

I expect Hans & Marco

by Moyboy / Matchboxmick - thats me from Oz // moyboy on 02.09.2011
I expect Hans & Marco strike again LOL Those guys don`miss a trick !

Why didn`my old man stash this kind of stuff away instead of drinking and going fishing !!!

to Germany

by bettyswalx // TJLGLASS on 01.09.2011
Looks like its on its way to Germany now though.

I think it`s genuine

by nick-jones-lesney-matchbox // Nick on 28.08.2011
The wear looks consistent all over, I think it`s genuine.
Congrats Tim, Super find.
Scotland, Essex or somewhere in between

and say this is totally original....

by bettyswalx // TJLGLASS on 28.08.2011
Mick i have studied this carefully and have no reason whatsoever to suspect that its repainted,in fact i would put my rep on the line and say this is totally original.I found this at a local booty which is about 10 miles north of London and the seller had quite a few playworn diecast cars and no premium was paid.

Oh my poor heartses

by Moyboy / Matchboxmick - thats me from Oz // moyboy on 27.08.2011
Oh my poor heartses ! Certainly looks the same shade as my tan trailer in your bottom pic showing the inside. The other shots make it seem slightly darker though.
The under spray does look a bit thicker than what is normally found as it is usually quite sparse in this location but going by the other pics looks ok on top. Unless in hand its hard to tell if a repaint from pics. The model would have been on the last sets so would have been issued as prime mover set stock and wheels should have no kidney shaped cut outs on the inside but should have Lesney Moko on the blade
Tan instead of normal red !

I think your one lucky duck!

by Chris in Kentucky // ford_a_30 on 27.08.2011
What do I think? I think your one lucky duck!
Kentucky USA

That paintwork certainly looks original

by idris on 27.08.2011
That paintwork certainly looks original. Not a body colour I`ve seen before.

Lesney Bulldozer brown color

by bettyswalx // TJLGLASS on 27.08.2011
Got up late and um`ed and ar`ed weather to go to my local booty today as rain was forcast.Reluctantly got out of bed and went.Walked around for about an hour and was just coming to the last stalls when i spotted this.My heart rate doubled while i tried to keep calm and ask the seller how much? without any bartering money was paid and it was coming home with me.It was at home that i got to have a good look at it as all the way home i was thinking its got to be a repaint.But after much studying and scrutanizing im sure its correct and not been repainted.Iv`e never seen this colour before and think its the same colour as the tan trailor if not a little bit darker,its also i think a slightly later issue with Lesnet-Moko on the front blade.What do you guys think??

I love your website

by Andrew Mandel on 08.11.2010
I love your website.
Andrew Mandel Brooklyn, NY, USA

Wow, what an amazing collection.

by Lee Marks on 17.10.2010
Wow, what an amazing collection. I found your site by accident as I was looking for information on a MOKO Lesney product.

I was lucky enough recently to purchase a 1950 MOKO Lesney Prime Mover and Bulldozer, and want to try to make a reproduction box for it to stay in.
Can you provide me with details and size please?

Could you also provide me with a photograph of the inside, if there is any internal packing?

These were never released in New Zealand so my chances of finding an empty box on the internet are almost impossible, and even if I was lucky enough to find one, I fear that I could not afford it.

Thank you.
New Zealand

Would you like your name to appear in the photo captions in the book

by Robert Newson on 20.08.2010
Hi Hans,
Thank you very much for the photos, this is very helpful. Would you like your name to appear in the photo captions in the book, as photo Hans Ludwig? Thanks again,
Robert Newson England

Please can I have your permission to use some of your photos in the book

by Robert Newson on 19.08.2010
Hi Hans,
You may remember I wrote to you about the Moko tractor.
I am writing (with other people) a book about British Farm Toys (tractors and implements) and it will include the Moko tractor Please can I have your permission to use some of your photos in the book, particularly the three photos attached? Also I need a photo of the blue version but without a box, please can you send me a photo if it`s not too much trouble?
Thank you very much.
Best wishes,
Robert Newson England

Exelente collecion amigo

by Marco Antonio Tenorio Mendez. on 16.08.2010
Exelente collecion amigo, te felicito saludos desde Mexico D.f.
Marco Antonio Tenorio Mendez, Mexico

your Moko web page is great

by Andrew Ziola on 16.07.2010
Hi there. I wanted to show you a new Moko deals page I put together:
I have added you to my blogroll because your Moko web page is great. Can you also add a link to my site?
Andrew Ziola
Chicago, Illinois 60657 United States 2940 N. Lakewood #9

Hi, lovely site

by David Andrew on 16.06.2010
Hi, lovely site I recently bought a Moko bulldozer, branded Moko but no maker`s brand.Could you tell me who made this for Moko.
David Andrew Australia

Hallo Eine hochinteressante Webseite habt Ihr hier Gratulation.

by Seffan Furrer on 26.05.2010
Hallo Eine hochinteressante Webseite habt Ihr hier. Gratulation. Beim schmoeckern hab ich entdeckt, dass sogar ein Link auf die Webseite meines Matchbox-Freundes Peter Steiner bei euch zu finden ist.
Deshalb moechte ich mir erlauben, auch meine Seite als Link zu empfehlen.
Als Revange wuerde ich
natuerlich auch einen Link auf eure tolle Seite einrichten.
Viele Gruesse aus der Schweiz
Euer Matchbox-Sammler Stefan
Stefan Furrer Swizerland

The web site simple perfect.

by Mike Spiegler on 17.05.2010
The web site simple perfect. Thanx.

Rag & Bones

by matchboxmarcel on 07.05.2010
See all you want to know about the MICA and the DEBO toys at:
Marcel Bakker Netherland is a very interesting site

by Duncan on 27.04.2010 is a very interesting site. You know far more about Moko than I do.
Until I found the article I link to I didn`t know the Riko connection.
Beatties were the U.K.s largest model shop chain in the 80s being the distributor for Tamiya
and all sorts of other models.
If you haven`t heard of Moko there is a good article about them here which explains how they were a pre war German company with Jewish connections which evolved into the RIKO brand sold in Beatties and had links with Matchbox Toys.
The train runs quite well as shown in this video. Allow time for the video to load and start.
Best regards
Duncan, England

your website

by Nick Letherbarrow on 22.04.2010
Hello, my name is Nick and I am a collector/dealer in more unusual diecast, I found your site some time ago when I was researching information on my early moko models and I think I have sold to you on ebay a few years ago, could I ask that if a space becomes available that you could put a link to my website on your toy links my website is and known as Vintagediecast - regards Nick
Nick Letherbarrow England

Request for 2 of your photographs

by Alexandr Picha on 20.04.2010
I am contacting you on the recommendation of our colleague Marcel Bakker. I am a great MOY enthusiast. At the moment I am working with another experienced collector Libor Miks on a book about the history and variations of Models of Yesteryear. My wife runs a small publishing house and we are planning to publish the book in the Czech Republic in Autumn 2010. So far the book is a deal of three years of work. The text is already done, now we are completing photographs dealing with graphic of the book. We estimate to publish about 1,000 issues.

I would like to ask you for your kind help. I have taken a lot of photos in the collections of Charlie Mack, Everett Marshall, Dirk Schleuer, Marcel Bakker and many other collectors. Some collectors sent us the photos of their rarities. We are still missing the pictures of Early Lesney Toys: the Massey-Harris Tractor and the red and green Cement Mixer. We would like to use them to the chapter about Lesney history. We would like to kindly request you for the high resolution photos of those rarities. Obviously we will credit you as the photographer and the owner of these rarities in each caption of the pictures.

Thank you for your consideration. Best regards,
Alexandr Picha Zenklova 1545/39 180 00 Praha 8 Czech Republic

Mir sind ja fast die Augen ausgefallen.......

by Peter Steiner Deutschland on 10.04.2010
Hallo zusammen,
mein Freund Hans-Georg Menzel hat mich auf eure Webseite aufmerksam gemacht.
Mir sind ja fast die Augen ausgefallen, so viele sch??ne alte Early - Modelle habe ich schon lange nicht mehr gesehen.
Ich sammle die 1-75 Serie mit Box (13 Boxen fehlen mir noch).
Deutschland 63505 Langenselbold

Ich bin begeistert......

by Hans-Georg Menzel on 10.04.2010
Ich bin begeistert von Eurer Seite.


by mokosexy on 04.04.2010
Either that or niether of them has a euro for the electric meter
Dave Rogers - UK


by bradcoll1170 on 02.04.2010
Hans & Marco have spent so much money in the last few weeks that both of them had nothing left to pay the internet bill and have been cut off.
Oberon, NSW, Australia
Brad - Oberon, NSW, Australia


by moyboy on 02.04.2010
I reckon there was big spending at MICA !!!! - they are so flabbergasted at what they got that they are lost for words
Mick Flack - Penrith, Sydney, Australia - God's country


by Matchboxjohan on 02.04.2010
Can this be the quite before the storm?
Johan - Belgium


by early moy on 02.04.2010
Earth calling, but no answer
has anyone seen or heard from the famous duo
I wonder if there is a TOP secret reason for it ???
Gary Galvin - England London / Essex

Now that is one classy site

by CHUCK on 16.03.2010
Now that is one classy site
thanks for the link
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Check out Hans and Marcos site

by markelwen on 08.03.2010
Check out Hans and Marcos site, these are the Moko boys

Wow, this is one of the classiest sites

by Chuck Heath on 16.03.2010
This is one of the classiest sites I've visited in a while

what a treat, thank you

still looking for info about creators/ background ect.

Chuck Heath
North Vancouver British Columbia home of the Winter Olympics


by ALWIN VAN HATTEM on 13.03.2010
hello hans,

thanks for your answer!!
must look out for that book
compliments for your incredible collection! i collect everything from matchbox but the moko and early lesney toys are my favourites by far, still drooling when i see your collection
i attached a pic of the flying man i was refferring too, very small pic but dont have any bigger, the ''propellor'' looks different than yours i think?
alwin van hattem

Dandole un poco de movimiento a este post

by Sergio Manzor on 24.05.2009
Dandole un poco de movimiento a este post

Estos son un poco los pasos previos y que inspiraron a los amigos Smith y luego a Jack, mientras encontraban el verdadero sentido a lo que hac?an o quer?an hacer. Comprendiendo que las guerras mundiales fueron culpables de "desviaciones" en lo que realmente deseaban.

Felizmente esas guerras terminaron y comprendieron pronto cual ser?a el ?xito de la compa?ia. La verdad es que no todos comprendieron esto, recordemos que mientras transcurr?an estas coyunturas, el gran Roney se separ? de la empresa, pero parte de su nombre qued? eternamente sellado en las bases de estas piezas.

Disfruten de estas fotos, muchas Moko cuando Moko era distribuidora de Lesney, otras Moko cuando no lo era, algunas Lesney conocidas ya por todos y otras mas.

Todas estas fotos las he conseguido de un link que alguno de ustedes dej? en el foro, luego reviar? la p?gina para colocar los cr?ditos.

Veamos entonces de donde se inspiraban estos genios, sobre todo, Jack.

ballast train - juguete condon 1950

Proposed gallery of actual vehicles?

by early moy on Wed 30.Dec.2009 22:50:22
If you are interested, I helped Hans and Marco set this up on their dream tintoys sites, to show the real version of early lesney and moko toys, all the pics used are in black and white as well to aid the nostalgic feel,
Gary Galvin - london/ essex

Unknown - help needed

by Martin (markelwen) on 05.01.2009
Ian, it's an Early Lesney,yours still has the gear stick
Check out Hans and Marco site,The Moko boys

Outstanding collection

by Steve Carter - mboxsteve - on 08.01.2010
I also enjoy your web site on Early Lesney Moko Very Much. You have an outstanding collection, I am a member of MCCH Moy Boyz micks site.
Los Angeles California USA


by Kevin McGimpsey [] on 10.12.2009
Dear Marco,
First may I congratulate you on your fantastic Dream Tin Toys website. There are so many Moko and Debo toys that I have never seen.
Request: I would like to write a new article on MOKO and wonder if you would let me reproduce some of your images; if yes, I could send a list and ask that you put them on a CD for me. That would be wonderful.

How and why did you get started on Moko and Lesney?

As regarding the auctions?25/4 and the Convention Auction will contain Early Lesney and Moko toys.

25/4 LOTS will be on the site around 30 December AND will be on the site for about 5 weeks?you can then put in your bids over the reserve and up to a MAXIMUM you want to go to?

The Convention Auction will be on the site for 14 days before the Convention and again you can then put in your bids over the reserve and up to a MAXIMUM you want to go to?in that auction we have the Large Quarry Truck, Soap Box Racer and wooden Showman?s Engine pattern.

As a member, if you win, you pay 5% buyer?s commission, rather than 10%...

Is that OK?please come back to me if I can explain more?all the best Kevin


by mokosexy Moyboyz Forum GB Tue 17.Feb.2009 06:46:20

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Location: Dave Rogers - UK

Re: Moko/lesney New Info

by Matchboxmick MCCH Forum USA 02-16-2009, 02:29 AM
This is the web address

It really is one of the most amazing Early Lesney Toy and MOKO sites around. Hans & Marco both have sites with slightly different content but a lot is the same between them.
You will find no better on the net and I'll leave you to have a browse first before you might reinstate the post I would seriously reccomend a browse but be prepared to be amazed if you have never seen it before.

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Moko/lesney New Info

by garybox 1 MCCH Forum USA 02-14-2009, 02:54 PM
Hi Guys
most of you already know dream and .com websites,,,
but I have just spent some time visiting Hans and Marco,, alias Blue Gold Angel,, and checked and changed both their pages, as much as could be done in the time, and spent 2 long nights adding new pages and lots more info
it was already a great reference place for moko and early lesney.
There is now a classic vintage photo section with pics of the real thing,
if you can help, please let them or me know.
The latest finds relate to the space outlaw gun variations and display.
well worth a look


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by early moy Moyboyz Forum GB Wed 11.Feb.2009 23:58:36
What a Fantastic time, as you would expect but it went way beyond just looking at a great collection of YY's, Moko, Early Lesney toys. The Ludwigs and their families and friends made it truly Wunderbar.
Met at the airport, cameras clicking to start the parade of pics already showing on the dream tintoys website, it went on and on,,, trips to the tractor club, Hamburg, seaside, and their friends that visited me last year, and a big party BBQ on the sat night,
Hans and Marco's hospitality and both toy collections made it hard work to fit everything in, 2 nights I was up with Hans in his marvellous toyroom till 2.00am just not having enough time to look and chat about all the toys.
Then after 2 nights I spent the next 2 nights with Marco and his collection, where there is a display of other makers that I also enjoy, benbros, morestone, salco, etc.
We also tried to fit in enough time to check and change things on their website, and add more pics and a new area for classic vintage photo's of the real machines our toys are based upon.
They are both very crazy collectors, spending an amazing amount of time and effort on every aspect of our hobby, which made it even more fun for me to be involved with them.
A big thank you to Hans Heike Marco Janine Arno Brigida Gerd Petra


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by mokosexy Moyboyz Forum GB Sun 08.Feb.2009 23:11:33

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by early moy Moyboyz Forum GB Sun 08.Feb.2009 21:40:07
Hi Guys
Just back from Schloss Ludwig,, boy is their security tight or what,, the dogs, cctv, and armed bodyguards,,, I really tried to get a bagfull of booty but !!!
I had a great time, story later,
go to dream-tintoys. de

Look at their website for the pics, just click on the specials button, then click the pic for more photos
click the vintage classic pics for real oldtimers, and please suggest moree for the new pages
look at the space pistol info for even more variations found
we have checked and changed pics and info on the early lesney and moko pages
many thanks Hans and Marco


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Re: Condon Mining Train.

by Fucumi MCCH Forum USA 11-29-2008, 02:41 AM
That's a great site Dave, I've had the link but didn't browse the whole site. It's curious that the pics of the ballast train boxes show the driver sitting side-saddle on the floor. They dont have a boom for their crane either so I feel fortunate mine is complete.

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Re: Condon Mining Train.

by mokosex MCCH Forum USA 11-28-2008, 12:15 AM

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Purchasing Moko toys

by Susan and Pieter Kohnstam Florida USA- e-mail message Thursday, 07.10.2008 at 22:55:39
My husband is the great grandson of Moses Kohnstam and we are interested in finding out if the Moko toys on yhour web site are for sale and what are their prices.

Susan and Pieter Kohnstam

Purchasing Moko toys

by Susan and Pieter Kohnstam Florida USA - e-mail message Thursday, July 10, 2008 4:56 PM

I think you may be the folks I am trying to email. I noticed on your website that you have Moko toys. My husband is the great grandson of Moses Kohnstam and we would like to purchase some Moko toys for our grandchildren. None survived as the family had to flee Germany.

Susan Kohnstam

Best site on the web for Early Lesney and MOKO toys

by Mick Flack Homepages under: Matchbox Links. Australia 01-06-2008

Probably the best sites you will find on early MOKO toys and the Lesney Early range of toys. Hans and Marco have made a superb job of these 2 sites and you can see the rarest of the rare on here. If you only ever add one to your 'favourites' list then this is it.

Motor Scooter with Sidecar Pop Pop Series

by Moko-Man Moyboyz Forum GB Fri 01.Feb.2008 19:52:26
I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Hans Ludwig from Germany.
I have about 21 years with my Son Marco Matschbox begun to collect.
The last 3 years we interested only for early Lesney and early Moko Toys.

Last year I was a Motor Scooter with Sidecar Box of Pop Pop Series buy.
Never have I seen the model, not even a photo?
If someone can help me, I would look for a response.
Thank you for this opportunity to Mick Flack from Australia, with this MOYBOYZ-FORUM and its homepage Matchboxmemories contributed to our collection.

Thank you also for your time Gary you share with us in Essex and London have spent. It was a nice time with you, we look forward to your return visit in Germany.

The conclusion I greet Robert Newson, Patrik and John More of the International Toy fair on January 26, 2008


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Location: Hans Ludwig - Neumuenster / Germany
What town/city do you live in?: Neumuenster
What country are you from?: Germany
What items do you collect?: Early Moko and Early Lesney Toys
What is your full name?: Hans Ludwig
Question to answer: Lesney

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